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Quadruped Canine VRChat Avatar

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Coyotic Trouble's quadruped canine VRChat model! Last updated Aug 2022.

Desktop and VR friendly, this canine includes 3 textures: a fox, coyote and wolf! You can wag with a left-hand gesture (left shift+F7 for desktop); more gestures to be added in the future. It also comes with a .clip and .psd file for you to edit your own texture.

You may create your own model from it but please do not sell it!

This quadrupedal canid Avatar features the following:

  • Three colors, switchable from the Expressions menu
  • Paws follow your feet in VR while standing!
  • Wag with a gesture!
  • Over 20 custom animations for fluid quadruped movement.
  • Comes as a UnityAsset file for easy upload to your account!

We anticipate adding more features over time.

And most importantly-
Thank you for your support!

Please note that this is not a simple avatar to edit! Edits to the model will break animations and they will all need their settings changed to work again!

There is a Quest version available. However, at this time, it does not support feet or head movements.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in our Discord server:

Known problems: Camera does not follow the canine's head when sitting in a chair!

Purchase of this product includes One (1) personal use of the model as-is.

You may edit the model or textures if you have purchased the model!

You may not use this product commercially without permission.

You are not permitted to edit or redistribute this model for commercial purposes. You may not upload this model as "Public" to VRChat, which would permit in-game redistribution.

Xiexe's Shader is licensed with public "MIT" license and is available here:

If edits are desired, we take commissions on Twitter @CoyoticTrouble ! You do not need to purchase this product for the edit, we will give you a custom mesh & texture!

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You'll get to run around on all-fours!


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Quadruped Canine VRChat Avatar

15 ratings
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