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This is Coyotic Trouble's first available Avatar, updated Sept 2022!

This friendly fox avatar comes with six colors. It comes in a ready-to-upload asset package with PhysBones!

This fox Avatar comes as a UnityAsset file and features the following:

- Six colors, switchable via Expressions menu

- Feature adjustments for ear size, tail size, ear fluff and more!

- Rigged for Full-Body, four fingers

- 5 Expressions bound to left hand gestures

- Lip-sync shapes

- PhysBones for ear and tail wiggling motion, including grabbing and posing

- Four Textures set-up with Xiexe's Shaders

- Uses 3.0 SDK

- Tutorial PDF for Unity set-up and uploading to VRChat

As of Feb 2021, it also includes a Quest-compatible version! This version is set up separate, with only a single color. It uses built-in VRChat Toon lighting and includes mouth shapes! The last video is for the Quest model!

Also included is the original, rounded-eye version of the Fox Avatar, for previous purchasers whom bought for that version specifically. This version does not have updated features.

Purchase of this product includes One (1) personal use of the model as-is.

You may edit the model or textures if you have purchased the model!

You may not use this product commercially without permission.

You are not permitted to edit or redistribute this model for commercial purposes. You may not upload this model as "Public" to VRChat, which permits in-game redistribution.

Xiexe's Shader is licensed with public "MIT" license and is available here:

If edits are desired, we take commissions on Twitter @CoyoticTrouble ! You do not need to purchase this product for the edit, we will give you a custom mesh & texture!

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Fox VRChat Avatar

14 ratings
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